Technical info

Banking APIs tag an applicant’s transactions as income or rent. Movem analyses this to provide richer context and actionable insights.

1. Bank send raw data

Applicants must authorise the banking API to gain one-off, read-only access to their bank account, using Open Banking.

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    2. The banking API tags transactions

    The banking API, or AISP (Account Initiation Service Provider), pulls the data in, tidies it up and tags each transaction with a category, before sending to Movem.

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      3. Movem analyses data and gives context

      Movem analyses all incoming and outgoing transactions to find income and rent. These are then contextualised to provide instant, relevant and accurate references.

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      • Employment Has worked at Tesco Ltd since January 2014
      • Income Takes home £1,670 a month • Verified salary of £27,400
      • Rent Paid £790 a month since October 2017 • No payments missed
      • Affordability Can afford rent up to £980 a month

      Movem supports every UK bank

      We connect to many UK banks through Open Banking, and hundreds of other foreign banks and building societies through older banking technologies.

      We’ve partnered with two of the top AISPs to securely access identity and raw transactions directly from the applicant’s bank, in real time. We use these trusted—and FCA regulated—third parties so that Movem never handles, sees or stores banking credentials.

      Using multiple providers allows Movem to provide robust and reliable services, which automatically switch provider in the case of outages or issues.

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