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The truly instant tenant reference

Movem has pioneered the automated tenant reference, and we think it’s pretty revolutionary.

Traditionally, the referencing process is lengthly and labour-intensive, often taking a week for a decision and prone to human bias. There are call centres full of people making phone calls, all day, every day. In fact, we went as far to argue that tenant referencing is entirely broken.

Movem is data-driven, and by connecting directly with an applicant’s bank account—through Open Banking—offers richer insights, contextual analysis and a better assessment of affordability than ever before.


To make renting fairer. Movem believes in creating a better, safer and more transparent rental experience for everyone, by improving the way people rent property, one tenancy at a time.


Movem was founded in June 2013 by our CEO, Peter Ramsey. We’re based in the south coast tech hub of Brighton, UK. To date, Movem has fundraised a total of £750,000; £600,000 of which was crowdfunded; plus a £100,000 Government grant.


In 2013, Peter Ramsey was studying at Bournemouth University, and after a horrific experience with a shamelessly unlawful landlord, created a website for tenants to review their rental experiences. The ambition was to create a TripAdvisor for residential rentals, and it was called Movem.

For many years Movem grew as a review platform, reaching 500+ towns and cities in the UK, raising investment, and partnering with student unions. This rapid expansion led to one very key insight: letting agencies need to know more about their applicants.

In 2015, the team started designing a feature whereby tenants would have profiles, that allowed them to move into properties faster, and offering a better evaluation of their affordability and reliability.

To develop this concept, Movem crowdfunded £200,000 in 2016 and £400,000 in 2017. Over the next few years, the concept naturally mutated. Experiments became viable iterations and we failed, a lot.

But what we’d created wasn’t a ‘tenant passport’ - that idea was deeply flawed. After stripping back unnecessary ‘feature bloat’, and the stuff that nobody really wanted, we were left with something really special: a referencing engine like no other.

It turned out we’d accidentally designed the future of tenant referencing. And so, Peter announced the biggest change in our startup’s history, and Movem pivoted, to focus on what it was that made Movem so disruptive.

And just like that, the first truly instant tenant reference was born.

Awards and recognition
  • BusinessCloud 35 under 35 to watch in 2018
  • The Spectator Economic Disrupter of the Year 2018 – Finalist
  • Amazon Growing Business Awards – Young entrepreneur of the year 2017 – Finalist
  • BQ Emerging entrepreneur of the year 2017 – Finalist
  • Digital Entrepreneur Awards – Young entrepreneur of the year 2017 – Finalist
  • Digital Entrepreneur Awards – Best innovative use of video in 2017 – Finalist
  • Startups 20 Young Entrepreneurs to watch in 2017
  • Tech1sts Tech 1sts of 2017
At Bournemouth University in 2013, Peter created a property review site called Movem.
Movem successfully raised £600,000 over three funding rounds on Crowdcube.
The first ever instant tenant reference was conducted during testing in September 2017.

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