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The most comprehensive instant tenant reference

Movem Passport is the first referencing tool to verify income and rental payments directly with the tenant’s bank. We also run more traditional checks, making it the most comprehensive instant reference available.

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Identity and address verification
What is it

Like a traditional reference, Movem will verify that the tenant’s name, address and date of birth match official records. This authenticates that a tenant lived at an address.

Who provides this check?

Movem uses credit reference agencies, i.e CallCredit, Experian & Equifax, to verify this information. We have both primary and secondary providers to limit downtime and improve the accuracy of results.

Adverse credit history
What is it

Movem will verify that the tenant does not have any adverse credit history, including CCJs, bankrupcies and insolvencies.

Who provides this check?

This information is verified directly with the bureaus.

Income and previous rental payments validation
What is it

Tenants provide Movem with one-time and read-only access to view their transactions. Movem uses machine learning to detect regular income and previous rental payments.

Which banks does this work with?

From launch Movem will connect to every major UK bank, and many foreign banks. If we’re missing one that you’d like to use, please let us know on

Is it safe?

Absolutely, we use bank-grade security and only tenant-authorised transactions are saved to the tenant’s account. Movem never sees a tenant’s banking credentials, and does not store account information.

We believe that this is safer than handing over physical bank statements, that may not be destroyed in a suitable way.

What kind of income does it detect?

Currently it works for tenant’s receiving a regular monthly income, however we’re using machine learning to better this system. Our priority is reliably detecting the right transactions, and so we’ve been focusing on this case scenario.

We’re working right now to facilitate weekly payments, irregular payments, changes in pay amount and new jobs.

How long does it take?

The payment detection takes approximately 30-45 seconds, and the results will be visible right away.

Previous landlord reference
What is it

Once a tenant has reviewed their own experiences, agencies and landlords will be able to recommend that tenant. By collecting and storing references from every tenancy, a tenant’s Passport may include many years of qualatitive landlord references.

Do all tenants have this?

Unfortunately not. As Passport is very new, not every tenant will have been recommended by an agency or landlord yet.

How do you verify a tenancy actually happened?

By using Passport, we can verify interactions between authenticated tenants and verified agencies/landlords. We use this to ensure a tenancy actually took place.

Can I request a landlord reference?

As our references are instant and automated, you can’t request a landlord reference if it’s not included in the Passport.

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