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Movem is the tenant’s rental passport

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Your Movem profile has just got a lot more powerful, and can replace traditional referencing.

A better way to reference tenants

Movem Passport is a digital rental profile, that includes an up-to-date tenant reference.

Anybody can create an account, and start building up a reputation as a trustworthy renter. Then, when you’re ready to move, we’ll re-reference you for free, and let you share your Passport with any agency or landlord.

We’ve built the most comprehensive instant tenant reference ever. Instead of waiting for someone to phone a previous landlord or employer, we will verify a whole year of income and rental payments directly with the tenant’s bank.

Landlords and agencies can view a limited version of the tenant’s reference for free, and pay a one-time fee to download the full version. There are no contracts, no hidden charges, and everything is instant.

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Peter Ramsey

CEO at Movem
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Why Tenants love Passport

Save on referencing fees
Agencies and landlords can accept your Passport instead of charging you for traditional referencing. This could save you up to £100 in application fees.
Quicker and easier
Instead of waiting for your agency to phone your previous landlord and current employer, Movem Passport provides instant results and can save 2 weeks on the application time.
Safer and gives you more control
Your Passport is private and only accessible to you and those you share it with. Gone are the days of insecurely sending over bank statements and hoping they’re destroyed responsibly.

The most comprehensive instant tenant reference

All of our checks are instant, and you do not have to wait around for somebody to respond to an automated email.
Identity and address verification
Like a traditional reference, Movem will verify that the tenant’s name, address and date of birth match official records. This authenticates that a tenant lived at an address.
Adverse credit history
Movem will verify that the tenant does not have any adverse credit history, including CCJs, bankruptcies and insolvencies.
Income and previous rental payments
Tenants provide Movem with one-time and read-only access to view their transactions. Movem uses machine learning to detect regular income and previous rental payments.
Previous landlord reference
Once a tenant has reviewed their own experiences, agencies and landlords have the opportunity to leave a recommendation for that tenant.
Movem is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
Movem Passport uses 256-bit SSL encryption
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Registration Number: ZA272235.
Registered in England (07479524).
Trading address: 21 Old Steine, BN1 1EL