• 2014

    Not recommended

This review of 84 Plymouth Place is based on the service provided by Ignite - Leamington
At first the house was fine, however as the year went on mould started to grow in the living room and in the bathroom there would be loads of mould and droplets on the ceiling including about four slugs all over the bathroom. We complained and got a new bathroom; during building the new bathroom we were told we wouldn't have a toilet for a week thus complained and had this sorted.

But the steam still builds up in the bathroom and the bath and sink still have grime around them. I had the smallest room in the house which had mould patches on the ceiling, my roommate with the biggest bedroom had heating problems, it was very cold. It was also damp in her room and she called the landlord who came to fix it they destroyed part of her room while doing so, but she sorted this out.
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Student property details

Address: 84 Plymouth Place, Town Centre, CV31 1HW.
Location: Leamington Spa
Bedrooms: 4 Bed
Price: £416 per student, per month.

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