• 2015

    Not recommended

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We lived in this house on the basis that it was very cheap and looked in good condition. It was not modern but we were prepared to sacrifice that for the price. However, the cold in the winter was extremely bad and even with the heating on, the house was still very cold. The house had damp and mould problems in all bedrooms and it got to the point where we had to move out early. The landlord was very laid-back about the whole situation and basically said to us that there was no problem. We didn't pay him rent for 3 months. One of the tenants father is a property solicitor and the condition of the house was very bad. No insulation, lots of damp and mould. In the summer when people view the house, it will look really good however DO NOT be fooled-this property changes like Jekyll and Hyde in the winter time.

The landlord, named Nigel Ingram, owns student properties throughout Bangor and we know two other of his tenants in two different houses. Their experience was exactly the same and the houses were in bad condition. In one of the houses, there were rats. I would not recommend moving into any of this landlords houses.
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Student property details

Address: 8 Fairview Road, Hirael, LL57 1BN.
Location: Bangor
Bedrooms: 4 Bed
Price: £300 per student, per month.

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