• 2014

    Not recommended

This review of 78 Duncreggan Road is based on the service provided by Property Link - Derry
This house and the letting agency brought us nothing but trouble from the day we moved in. From the house getting flooded twice by plumbing going amuck and being told "just wait until it dries out' while we sat for 2 or 3 days without electricity and at least 2 weeks without a functioning kitchen. The heating was also faulty with us going through 500/600 litres of oil In a month whereas any other house would use it over 6 months, and the blame was pinned on us again.

Absolute nightmare and I would never stay in this house or rent with property link again in my life.
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Student property details

Address: 78 Duncreggan Road, Rosemount, BT48 0AA.
Location: Derry
Bedrooms: 6 Bed
Price: £303 per student, per month.

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