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This house was on the whole fair value for money, I rented as one of six individuals, across three floors in a mid terrace. The specs of the house were fine upon moving in, everything functioned properly and safely, however it didn't take long for problems to arise. Yet we had a fantastic landlord who solved all the issues which included amongst other things; the full revamp of the second floor bathroom, turning it into a wet room and the replacement of a fridge - at no extra cost to ourselves as these were results of extended wear and tear from previous tenants. The rooms are great sizes, and easy to maintain, the location is great- between a church and Hindu Temple trouble rarely kicks off. You're also right on the edge of several nice bars and within ten minuets of the university campus (DMU side). I would say the estate agents were not fantastic, problems were nearly always resolved by the landlord and he has since switched to keywest lettings. That and the wear and tear problems aside though- this is a great property well worth its money, the condition is usually up to scratch due to the brilliant landlord.
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Student property details

Address: 7 Westcotes Drive, Westcotes, LE3 0QT.
Location: Leicester
Bedrooms: 6 Bed
Price: £260 per student, per month.

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