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Great location with parking easy to get right outside. New secure front door with comfy living room, great kitchen and a newly refurbished bathroom with a power shower. There are two smallish bedrooms but they both have desks, double bed and wardrobes. The house has no mould as ventilation has been put into the staircase which sucks out all the moisture. Heating, washing machine etc. all works.
Literally so lucky to have P*** as your landlord he's been an absolute star.
He transferred all my stuff from my old house to the new one, he fixes anything as soon as possible and you can always get in touch with him. He really cares about his tenants and his properties.Â
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Student property details

Address: 7 Gordon Avenue, Portswood, SO14 6WJ.
Location: Southampton
Bedrooms: 4 Bed
Price: £280 per student, per month.

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