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The house was large, comfortable and ideally suited for 5 tenants, All bills were included, however we as tenants had to provide our own wireless router for the internet as it was plug in only, but the landlord refunded us the cost.

Upstairs bathroom needed some attention as the shower was very poor ant there was no bath. No garden space what so ever, very difficult to dry clothes in the winter months. Parking was adequate only permits were require for street parking.

Very close to the town centre, only a 10 minute walk, but a
20 minute car journey to university at UCP Marjon. All in all very reasonable price for rent, great service from accommodation staff when problems did arise, quiet neighbourhood and a lovely house to spend my last year at uni.

Staff from Sams Accommodation were excellent. When I first met them they were kind and courteous. All processes involved with setting up the tenancy were simple and quick to complete. Whenever there was an issue with any faults a contractor would come out that same day or early the next morning.

They provided transport for the viewing of houses for those who had none or didn't know the area and frequently informed us if we were going to exceed our monthly bills not to charge us, but to help us to avoid paying extra. All in all an excellent company and couldn't have chosen anything better for my first time renting a property.
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Sams Accommodation
Replied: 2014-10-24
Many thanks for the positive review of the house and our service. It's much appreciated by everyone in the SAMS team.
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Student property details

Address: 61 Chaddle Wood Avenue, Lipson, PL4 6QW.
Location: Plymouth
Bedrooms: 5 Bed
Price: £382 per student, per month.

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