• 2014

    Not recommended

This review of 6 Larch Street is based on the service provided by Capetown Properties - Dundee
A couple of the rooms were unfinished when we moved in., the walls hadn't been painted, the carpet hadn't been put down. The two bedroom en suites are mouldy and the ceiling in one of them was black. The bedroom downstairs with en suite has a serious damp problem because the fan in the bathroom doesn't work. The garden grass hasn't been cut at all, all the lights in the upstairs hall hasn't been working since the day we moved in. We haven't had hot water in our showers since before the Christmas holidays.

At first we thought they were great people, that respected us, told us all what we wanted to hear, and now we realise they only want money from us. The landlords manner has been awful, we have had texts where they have swore at us, and are awful at fish hangs for us, when we ask them to fix it, it doesn't get done. When we try and contact our landlord sometimes it's extremely difficult and can't get hold of our landlord for days.
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Student property details

Address: 6 Larch Street, Lochee, DD15NN.
Location: Dundee
Bedrooms: 4 Bed
Price: £370 per student, per month.

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