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A fantastic little flat. Everything that was worn down by previous tenants was replaced before we moved in, including brand new carpets. Rooms were spacious, and joint living/kitchen area was very cosy and warm throughout the seemingly endless North East winter.
Letting agents were fast and fair if anything went wrong and nothing was too much trouble. I didn't feel like I was getting rinsed for my money as many of my other friends did with their landlords/agencies.
The only criticism I have is that we could usually hear the flat above us walking around and using their kitchen, flushing toilet etc. but that's to be expected from a downstairs flat. We also had a small mould problem in one bathroom ceiling due to the location of the flat upstairs' kitchen. However, the ceiling was promptly replaced by the agency, but I think this will probably be an ongoing issue in the flat as the source of the problem was not fixed as far as I know.
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Student property details

Address: 51 Shortridge Terrace, Jesmond, NE2 2JE.
Location: Newcastle
Bedrooms: 5 Bed
Price: £333 per student, per month.

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