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3 spacious bedrooms (double beds) and 1 (single bed) a bit smaller.
A toilet downstairs and a bathroom upstairs (toilet included).
Windows are double glazed, there is a washing machine, a tumble drier etc.

A large garden with free of charge gardener once a month + a cleaner twice a month to take care of the common areas of the house.
A lovely house, however, it could use some renovation. 

A lovely couple that are always easy to contact and help with any issues, however, the house has had some problems with leaking from the upstairs bathroom and it usually takes them up to a week to sort things out. 
Thus the pro active response could come sooner, but otherwise they are great landlords.
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Student property details

Address: 51 Buckingham Road, Eaton, .
Location: Norwich
Bedrooms: 4 Bed
Price: £250 per student, per month.

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