• 2015

    Not recommended

This review of 5 Bertha Street is based on the service provided by Pinnacle Letting Agents - Cardiff
My room's covered in mould, the bathroom has it as does the kitchen. My radiator hardly gets hot. The carpets are disgusting. My bed was broken. The washing machine doesn't work. The Hoover doesn't work. The kitchen is cold unless the hearings on 24/7. Front door is dodgy. My room should be a single as its so small, as should two other rooms.

The agents were awful. Lied from the beginning, told us they'd sort things straight away but didn't until the first week of September (we was at the beginning of August and paying rent). Haven't sorted the mould in my room though I've reported it 4 times.
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Student property details

Address: 5 Bertha Street, Treforrest, CF371TS.
Location: Pontypridd
Bedrooms: 5 Bed
Price: £216 per student, per month.

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