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Flat is very modern and furnished to a high quality. TV and dishwasher are included as well as a bath with jets. Downside only no toaster, kettle or microwave. All double bedrooms, similar sized just 1 bigger with bay windows. Warms up very quickly so bills are expected to be fairly cheap. Walton Robinson are fairly average at managing the property. They do get onto problems quickly however do not necessarily give specific times and dates and can be a little delayed at times,  but mostly no problems there. Agency fees were £140 per person with a discount code, though this is typical of most agencies in Newcastle. 
All in all it is a lovely street, very close to Northumbria university. A little out of the way from town and Jesmond though not a problem as 4th year students. Very homely and cosy from the start. 
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Student property details

Address: 32 Amble Grove, Heaton, NE2 1NY.
Location: Newcastle
Bedrooms: 3 Bed
Price: £346 per student, per month.

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