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Very spacious house. Double beds in each room. Bedroom are split into two floors (four on each) with a shower and toilet on each floor. Spacious back garden with picnic bench big enough for eight people. Washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher provided, with two sinks in the kitchen, as well as two fridge-freezers. 4

7" TV in the living room with Virgin Media box (tv license included) so we can watch sky movies and other TV on demand. Also in living room are three sofas and a coffee table as well as a small fridge (ideal for students - alcohol storage ;) ). WIFI and ethernet throughout the house and tv connections in each bedroom in addition to many plug sockets. Desk and chairs in all rooms and a shed in the garden with a padlock for bike storage etc.
The house is a ten minute walk from a large Tescos and 20 minute walk from Town.
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Student property details

Address: 31 Arle Gardens, Alstone, GL51 8HP.
Location: Cheltenham
Bedrooms: 8 Bed
Price: £399 per student, per month.

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