This review of 30 Argyle Terrace is based on the service provided by Cullen Property Services - Derry
This property has decent size rooms and a good size kitchen and living area. Very close to the UUM campus. The house is great for a first year/second year living away from home for the first time. Cullen Property are very quick at responding to any broken light-bulbs or if anyone in the house needed a table or computer chair. There are 2 bathrooms one on the top floor and one next to the kitchen. The house heats up very quickly and stayed warm through the winter months.

The house didn't come with a Television so we had to purchase one ourselves. Every room had easily enough space for a computer table and chair as well as storage space. The house is located 2 doors down from a bakery (which is very good by the way!). The center of town is a 10-15 minute walk which is ideal for nights out.

Overall i would say this property is perfect for student living if you aren't worried about a bit of outdated wallpaper or pink bathroom facilities.
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Student property details

Address: 30 Argyle Terrace, Rosemount, BT48 0DW.
Location: Derry
Bedrooms: 5 Bed
Price: £316 per student, per month.

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