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Finding a house was easy as the university and our agency helped us loads. It is stressful so be sure to organise everything as soon as you can. Our house is newly refurbished so we have been lucky with the cleanliness. However we started to notice mould growing in our conserventry because we had not had the heating on and there was loads of condensation so be sure to leave windows open or turn on heating if you can. Other than this, the house is great and in perfect condition. The mould is now gone! 
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Brighton Accommodation Agency
Replied: 2016-03-31
Thank you for your review, we're over the moon that you're loving the house so much. We're always happy to help in any way we can, so thank you for noticing this fact. Condensation in conservatories is fairly common, as the walls tend to be quite cold, so heating and ventilating will tend to solve this. If there is ever a problem though, please do let us know and we will look into it for you.
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Student property details

Address: 27 Coldean Lane, Town Centre, BN1 9GD.
Location: Brighton
Bedrooms: 7 Bed
Price: £477 per student, per month.

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