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Bedroom sizes are different: two small and three large. All except the smallest have double bedrooms, but it's understandable as there isn't enough space in it. Most rooms have new carpets in them and most walls in the whole of the house were repainted at the beginning of the year. Furniture is in very good condition: each room has a massive desk (always a plus for students) and a comfy office chair, good size wardrobe. There haven't been problems with the heating. Any problems that were reported would be generally quickly resolved. The location is the down and upside at the same time. It's close to everything but very noisy with all the parties happening around.

The landlord is very nice and you can tell they care about the property.
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Address: 21 Abingdon Road, Mutley, PL4 6HZ.
Location: Plymouth
Bedrooms: 5 Bed
Price: £310 per student, per month.

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