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5 bedrooms (4 large, 1 smaller)

Rent covers half the water bill
Large kitchen and lounge area
Good condition
Large garden
Very close to main university campusVery close to university (5 minute walk)
Neighbours very quiet for the most part.
A one stop selling all essentials at the bottom of the road and 10 minute walk from Portswood high street.

No letting agent, all business is directly with the landlord. Lets by the room rather than as a whole house.

Landlord always happy to help out. Could be a little more efficient with the speed at which he gets things done, however anything that needs doing DOES get done.
Excellent communicator
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Student property details

Address: 20 Broadlands Road, Highfield, SO17 3AR.
Location: Southampton
Bedrooms: 5 Bed
Price: £270 per student, per month.

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