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Lovely house, everything on three floors with the kitchen on the ground floor. The bedroom were all quite large with only one that probably wasn't fit for a double bed. There's is also only one bathroom but that worked out fine anyway! The house is in a perfect location for university and town and the landlords came to fix any issues we had as soon as they possibly could which was great. The only issues we really had was that the house got a bit chilly in the winter and was sometimes like an oven in the summer but that can't really be helped. As it was a private landlord there weren't any additional fees to pay that you get with estate agents. The bills are not included in the rent but were easy to set up and pay online. 

Overall the house was nice and the location was great. I think the House also had a bit makeover in 2014 and I've been told it looks even nicer now!
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Student property details

Address: 18 Tower Street, Fulflood, SO23 8TA.
Location: Winchester
Bedrooms: 5 Bed
Price: £420 per student, per month.

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