• 2014

    Not recommended

This review of 179A Unthank Road is based on the service provided by Pure Agency - Norwich
Disgusting. Mould in almost every room, no real insulation and only rubbish electric heaters that were never intended to heta an entire property. The kitchen is tiny and has no work surfaces, the cooker is old and busted and the bathroom is freezing cold, not to mention all the weird bits and bobs left by the cowboys they claim are "handymen".
One of the bedrooms is absolutely tiny, and the biggest one has windows that are literally falling out of the frames.

Awful, they regularly ignored requests to have anything fixed before sending round a "handyman" who would look at the problems, mumble some stuff about coming back and then disappear, never to be seen again. Eventually I had to get the council involved as the agency were in breach of legal standards. A notice was served on the agency saying that they MUST fix the property to a habitable standard, and they then swiftly kicked me out. As far as I know the work still hasn't been done.
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Student property details

Address: 179A Unthank Road, Eaton, NR2 2PQ.
Location: Norwich
Bedrooms: 3 Bed
Price: £183 per student, per month.

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