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This house used to be owned by a carpenter and so has a few quirks. The kitchen has a lovely farmhouse feel and two rooms have log burners. There's a conservatory with plenty of space for bikes and drying racks, and a small firepit in the garden. The bedrooms are a range of sizes, but all are cosy. There's lots of room for storage, and the front garden has a variety of shrubs and a passion flower.

Very friendly, happy to pay for the chimneys to be swept and other useful items and services.
Doesn't live nearby but is fully contactable and helpful. He genuinely wants the tenants to enjoy living in the house and isn't money-grabbing like many landlords! Would definitely recommend.
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Address: 117 Adelaide Road, Portswood, SO17 2HZ.
Location: Southampton
Bedrooms: 4 Bed
Price: £280 per student, per month.

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