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Bathroom was refurbished over the summer ready for when we all came back to Southampton. Had issues with hob when we arrived but Landlady quickly sorted it for us.
House is very good for the money. 1 single room, 3 double bedrooms and living room however we decided to switch them to 1 small living area and 4 double bedrooms. 1 bathroom on the 1st floor with electric shower. Decent sized kitchen.
Landlady is extremely helpful, always been polite and helpful and often gone out of her way for us. Anything that we report as faulty, broken, needing replacement etc is done so very quickly and without hassle.
Definitely recommend her, would have liked to have stayed with her if she had smaller properties available.
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Student property details

Address: 11 Thackeray Road, St Denys, SO17 2GS.
Location: Southampton
Bedrooms: 4 Bed
Price: £252 per student, per month.

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