Say hello to the Movem way

This is efficiency on a whole new scale.

Tenant invited Reference form completed Credit check requested Statements & payslips requested Employer reference Landlord reference Bank statements & payslips sent Manual paperwork check Agent receives reference

The old way

Slow Icon From 2 days to 2 weeks

Tenant invited Smart form completed Agent receives reference instantly

The Movem way

Fast Icon Less than 15 minutes

What makes Movem different?

1 The smart form that will only get smarter

Tenant referencing is typically reliant on humans—and this means significant advancements are limited. All our customers benefit from regular over the air updates, and the improvements that will keep your business on top.

The smart form, displayed on mobile devices

2 Richer insights and analysis

Movem analyses an applicant’s financial history and provides deep analysis, actionable insights and context surrounding their income and previous rental history. Our data-driven approach is unique and getting better each day.

Smart income and rent analysis diagram

3 The perfect balance of online and traditional

We’re the only reference provider that offers a pioneering blend of online referencing, with manual assessments when required.

Reap the benefits with faster references, better fraud protection, and a referencing team you can rely on to get the job done, every time. Oh, and only pay for a manual assessment when it’s needed!

Example of an instant Movem reference

Tenant referencing comparison

A complete referencing solution, with meaningful features you’ll actually use.

Checks included M Movem Online referencingTraditional referencingOpen banking API providers
Identity and address checkTickTickTickTick
Adverse credit history checkTickTickTickTick
Uses a main credit reference agency i
This is either Experian, Equifax or Callcredit
Verifies transactions with online banking i
Basic data tagging enables incoming and outgoing transactions to be verified
Smart income check i
Only Movem can intelligently detect regular income, whether it be weekly or monthly, salaried or variable, overtime or bonus
Smart rent check i
Only Movem can intelligently detect past rental payments, paid on time or late, the total fluctuating or stable
Manual assessments TickTick
Hybrid Referencing – Manual assessments when required Tick
M Movem
Online referencing
Traditional referencing
Open banking API providers
Specific referencing tool API TickTickTick
White label solution availableTick
Dedicated support availableTick