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Bournemouth University

Move’m has had a significant impact on the behaviour of students at Bournemouth University – beyond that which I have seen delivered by other similar initiatives. Move’m has rapidly become an invaluable outlet for Bournemouth University students to share their experiences of the local private housing stock. Move’m has become the primary referral destination for our clients seeking historic information on rental properties.

swnasea university
Swansea University

We are extremely excited to be the first student union in Wales to work with Move’m. The website is an easy to use forum which highlights the best and the worst housing in your area and importantly it is by students, for students. We hope that together we can improve the quality of housing in Swansea and crack down on rogue landlords.

Student Union, Imperial College London
Imperial College Union

We are thrilled to be collaborating with Move’m who are able to give students much needed inside information on houses and landlords in London. An ongoing problem our students face is sub-par accommodation and rogue landlords; by working with Move’m we hope to alleviate this problem. It is fantastic that the website shows both good and bad reviews, which we hope will put pressure on landlords to improve the quality of accommodation and practices. Many of our students are keen to share their experiences of the private housing sector, so it is brilliant that we are now able to offer them a platform on which they can do so easily. We hope that Move’m will become a staple at our University when searching for properties.


This year AUSA is committed to improving housing for students in Aberdeen and thus have made it our priority campaign. Students are facing increasing rents, often alongside declining quality in the Aberdeen housing market. We hope that by encouraging students to speak out about their experiences via Move’m, we can put pressure on the bad landlords in the city and bring about real change.

art university bournemouth
Arts University Bournemouth

Being a graduate I know the perils of not looking for the right things when there is the customary ‘house viewing’- who is going to check every corner for the odd patch of mould? With Move’m the previous tenants have (in some cases, mercilessly) done this for you so the information is already available. We believe there is tremendous scope for this type of property analysis and are thankful it has started in Bournemouth.

Students' Union at UWE
Students’ Union at UWE

We are very excited to be working with the student housing review site Move’m! They empower students to leave reviews about the properties they live in, highlighting the good and bad housing in the area. We hope that together we can put pressure on landlords in Bristol to ensure students are getting quality housing.

Roehampton Students’ Union
Roehampton Students’ Union

With Move’m and Roehampton students’ union being in partnership we aim to provide a platform for students to channel their experiences of the accommodation they spend so much of their time and money in, especially in a climate such as the London housing market. Move’m is a great system for students to be able to challenge and reward the housing they have become familiar with and the fact that Move’m is set up and run by students only makes the service more credible.