Promote your business to students all over the UK.

Interested in advertising your business to students? We have a range of targeted advertising options available, we can help you reach those niche audiences.


You may have already seen our adverts…


Mid-content adverts

These appear randomly around our site, combating the advert blindness you get from traditional advertising. These give businesses an opportunity to promote a particular deal or event, or even put a unique referral code behind it and monitor sales.

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Sponsored blogs

By sponsoring blogs, you can effectively promote your brand to thousands of students in even our smallest cities. These are charged per 1000 unique visitors and therefore is a measurable and efficient form of advertising.




So, how targeted are they?

You can choose who you advertise to, we can work by particular cities, areas or even nationwide. Move’m has a solution for any sized business, anywhere in the country.


Commission links

The more subtle adverts are the commission links, these are located right below the letting agents phone number. This is the ‘decision making area’ of the website, think of it like the sweets by the till. These primarily are for discounts or deals with trackable analytics to monitor success.





Sponsored competitions

If you’re looking to promote your business across social media, you can sponsor a competition or giveaway.  These competitions are priced on analytics for the duration of the competition.





Let’s talk money.

If you want to enquire about advertising with Move’m, or perhaps run a campaign to our audience, then get in touch using the form below and someone will get back to you shortly.