About us

This is what we stand for.


In 2013, after losing hundreds of pounds on seemingly fraudulent deposit deductions, Peter Ramsey decided that there must be a better way to rent private accommodation as a student. The solution was simple; a transparent community for trustworthy tenants to find the best landlords.


What started out as a simple housing reference site for students in Bournemouth has grown into a community of tenants, landlord and agencies, in more than 100 towns and cities in the UK. For the landlords and agencies who use welcome Movem reviews, we’re able to strengthen their reputation, promote their successes and enable the best tenants to get in contact with them.


We believe in a future where having a reputation as an brilliant landlord brings you the most trustworthy tenants. A world where letting agencies who provide the best service are rewarded for going the extra mile.


This is a future where nobody will be charged £25 to change a lightbulb, not even in Bournemouth.




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