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Reviews of student accommodation, landlords and letting agencies in more than 95 university cities in the UK.

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Movem is a simple solution.

Share your experiences of landlords
Share your experiences.

Anonymously review your landlord and agency, this will directly influence the decisions of others.

Learn from our community of tenants
Learn from our community.

Thousands of students have already reviewed theirs, learn from their mistakes.

Find the best student accommodation
Find your next home.

When you've found your dream home, contact the agency directly. There is no cost to use Movem.

Review your experiences

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Anonymously influence others.

We've created a community for tenants to openly and anonymously share their experiences, which in turn influences the reputation of landlords and agencies all over the UK.

Don't take our word for it.

  • University of Bristol students' union

    Students' union Bristol

    Movem empowers students, highlighting the good and bad housing in the area. We hope that together we can put pressure on landlords in Bristol to ensure students are getting quality housing.

  • Aberdeen student union supports Movem


    We hope that by encouraging students to speak out about their experiences via Move'm, we can put pressure on the bad landlords in the city and bring about real change.

  • Roehampton university supporting Movem


    Movem is a great system for students to be able to challenge and reward the housing they have become familiar with and the fact that Move'm is set up and run by students only makes the service more credible.

  • University of Imperial London housing advice

    Imperial College union

    We hope that Move'm will become a staple at our University when searching for properties.

  • Bournemouth university SUBU helping housing


    Movem has had a significant impact on the behaviour of students at Bournemouth University – beyond that which I have seen delivered by other similar initiatives.

  • Student properties in Swansea university

    Swansea SU

    The website is an easy to use forum which highlights the best and the worst housing in your area and importantly it is by students, for students.

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